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·Elite-level core: European silk treble basin, carbon fiber mid bass basin, whole-cast aluminum stand.

·The sound is clear, with a strong sense of rhythm, superb dynamism and exceptional frequency response range (50-20000Hz)

·For the crowd who is fond of pop music, symphonies, classical and rock music, especially suitable for consumers who pursue speed and passion and want the fantastic music experience.


25MM silk membrane treble/ N38 advanced neodymium steel magnetic circuit

Whole-cast aluminum mid-bass frame/ carbon fiber mid-bass sound/ 10OZ magnet

Two-layer aluminum sound coil/ Symmetrical passive crossover


Type  2 way split speaker

Size  165MM(6.5")

The Number Of Loops  2 way

Sensitivity  89dB

Impedance  4Ohms

Maximum Power  200W

Rated Power  70W

Frequency Response  50Hz-20000Hz


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