UT-4100(Class AB)

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4 Channel Power Amplifier


Real-time current management and multiple overheating protection circuit class-AB amplifier.

RCA Input Sensitivity  0.2-8V

100W×4 rated output power at 4Ohms load, harmonic distortion<0.01%

300W×2 rated output power when 4Ohms load is bridged, harmonic distortion<0.03%

200W×4 rated output power at 2Ohms load, harmonic distortion<0.08%

2-channel / 4 channel / 2-channel BASS input options are available

Stereo/bridging/mono output options are available

Front seat and backseat can be adjusted for high/low pass or full pass, with frequency division slope of 12dB

In the front seat, adjustable bass gain ranges from 0dB to 18dB at 45Hz

In the back seat, adjustable frequency can amplify 10 times (×1 or ×10)

In the back seat, adjustable frequency ranges from 55Hz to 5500Hz

Size(L×W×H)  387mm×212mm×60mm


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