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Type  Top-level 7 " 3 way system speaker

Nominal Impedance  4 Ohms

Rated Power  180W

Sensitivity   (2.83V/1M) 89dB

Frequency Response  34Hz - 40000Hz

Magnet  Top rubidium steel magnetic circuit system

HF Components UT-T1H  92MM globe top diaphragm treble,

                                            patented phase cone suspension,

                                            patented symmetrical drive magnetic circuit.

MF Components UT-MD4 117MM cut-paper plate medium tone, 

                                             low loss linear suspension, 

                                             patented symmetrical drive magnetic circuit.

M-LF Components UT-MW7 188MM cut-paper plate medium-low tone,

                                                 low loss linear suspension, 

                                                 patented symmetrical drive magnetic circuit

OD (outer diameter) HF 92MM(1.15"),



Ring radiator high frequency speaker: Effectively reduces distortion.

Patented symmetrical drive magnetic circuit: Effectively controls eddy current in magnetic circuit system.

Cut-paper plate: Significantly reduces the vibration of the diaphragm.

Kapton voice coil: Guarantees high temperature resistance and low distortion.

Special sound basin for cars: Waterproof, moisture-proof and high temperature resistant, provides the best side listening angle.


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